I've made this page mostly for my own reference, since I've tailored the career and goals rolls to suit my own playstyle, it's just easier for me to have my rules posted somewhere where I can reference it while rolling for my generations.

I'm making it public so readers can see what careers and goals I've added or subtracted. Feel free to adopt and adapt them for your own use if you want. I'm not posting the full descriptions of the goals, just the names. Please refer to the Official RANDOM LEGACY RULES Blog for full description and complete rules of the challenge.

I made major changes to the careers rolls, eliminating several rabbithole careers I find boring and adding some custom careers. I also eliminated all AMB and SHO professions, and rolled the few that were left into the Self -Employed careers, adding in some CC self-employment jobs by Twallan.

I've also cut out a few of the generation goals and Misc fun rules, because I've done them and never want to do them again.

I use Random.Org to make my rolls.

Family Structure
Roll 1 -35

1 -10: Single Parent
11-21: Couple
22-23:Mixed Couple
24: Mixed Single
25-26: Step-Children
27-28: Single with Help
29-31: Second Chance
32-33: Couple +1
34: Single Parent, Double Help
35: Full House

Roll 1-10

1: 1
2-5: 2
6-8: 3
9: 4
10: 5

Primary Income:
Roll 1-15
1-9: Standard Career
10-15: Self Employed Career

Secondary Income:
Roll 1-14
1-2: Standard Career
3-11: Self Employed
12: None
13: Homemaker (Nraas)
14: Blogger

Standard Career List: (1-24)
1. Accountant (CC career, MissyHissy)
2. Airline Career: Admin (CC career, MissyHissy)
3. Airline Career: Pilot (CC career, MissyHissy)
5. Journalism
6. Law Enforcement Forensics
7. Lawyer (CC career, MissyHissy)
8. Education
9. Psychologist (CC career, MissyHissy)
10. Museum Curator (CC career, MissyHissy)
11. Performing Arts (CC career, MissyHissy)
12. Political
13. Builder (CC career, MissyHissy)
14. Science
15.Fortune Teller Psychic
16. Fortune Teller Con Artist
17. Advertising (CC career, MissyHissy)
18. Art Appraisal; Appraisal
19. Video Game: Engineer
20: Video Game: Artist
21: Sports Agent
22: Comic Artist (CC career, MissyHissy)
23: Pharmacist (CC career, MissyHissy)
24: Medical

Self-Employed: (1-18)
1. Collecting
2. Farmer
5. Artist
6. Inventor
7. Busker
8. Photographer
9. Adventure/Scuba
10. Freelance Scientist
11. Hacker (Nraas)
12. Mixologist
13. Dumpster Diver
14. Athletic Trainer (Nraas)
15. Chess (Nraas)
16. Handyman (Nraas)
17. Martial Arts trainer (Nraas)
18. Lifeguard

Generation Goals
Roll 1-11
1. Perfect Careers
4. Party to Remember
5. Living Green
6. Social Bunny
7. Opportunist
8. Hobby
11. Career Student

Misc. Fun
Roll 1-12
1.Random Traits
2. Partier
3. Homemade
4. Hidden Heritage
5.Half Siblings
6. Luxury
7.Tattoo Addict
8. It's So You/Fashion Diva
9. Live Your Trait
10. Sim for All seasons
11. My Precious
12. Opposites attract