Saturday, September 27, 2014

Entries from Julian's Diary

From Julian's diary:

    I didn't tell Jilly about my fear that I might not be able to give her the child we wanted, given the high rate of sterility exhibited by the MorcuCorp clones. I began a line of research into fertility and gene splicing, in case we'd need some non-traditional methods for procreation, but it turns out it wasn't needed. Jillyan became pregnant very soon after we began trying for it. 

Our son Kai. I admit, I did want a daughter, but I'm not disappointed with Kai. How could I be? I'm a father now.

        When Kai's hair started to grow out, we were both surprised by his hair color. Jilly's side of the Brannon family hadn't seen a brunette since her great-grandfather, Heath Brannon. And the Landgraab line has been dominated by blondes for centuries.

    Jilly, pregnant with our second child, bathing Kai.

     Dylan Brannon, our daughter.

Dylan takes after her mother, for the most part, but she has my eyes.

The kids at play. Jilly told me that she wanted to have our children close in age to each other. Her own brother was a teen when she was born, and grown up and out of the house before she could remember him. She grew up with cousins that were more like siblings to her than her own brother, and she wanted our son to have the kind of family she was raised in. 

Kai's birthday. They are growing up so fast!

Kai is something of an artistic prodigy, like his mother at that age.

     He's also an avid gamer, much to me delight.

Jill gets up at dawn every morning to surf before she goes diving. If I could find a way to harness her raw energy, I could power the world.

     Jill and Dylan. We often find Dyl outside on the balcony off her bedroom. She loves being outdoors, and I expect her to grow up to be much like her mother, always on the go.


For the record, Kai's traits are Loner, Artistic and he picked up Computer Whiz as a child.
Dylan has Loves the Outdoors, and I forget the other trait right now.

Both names are ocean related. Kai means 'ocean' in Hawaiian and Dylan means 'son of the waves' in Welsh. According to baby name websites, anyway.

I'll actually pick up on a proper narrative in the next chapter. I just wanted to get sort of caught up to where I am in game now.

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  1. Glad to see these made their way over here with a little of Julian's take on it all. I can easily imagine Dylan wrapping her daddy around her fingers.

    1. This generation has been a little weird for me. I shoot a bunch of pictures but none of them add up to much of a narrative. So I just post them as out takes on my tumblr. I do have sort of a story planned for Gen 2, so hopefully this blog will pick up some steam.
      Dylan is a lot like Jilly, very active and ready to go. Kai is more like his father.

  2. This is a good way to move the story along.

    Silly Kai, you're supposed to be blonde!